Materials for Extreme Environments without the Extreme Measures

Additively Manufactured Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics for Hypersonic Vehicles

Ceramic Matrix Composites for Hypersonic Flight Conditions

Thermal Protection Systems for High Temperature Applications

Additively Manufactured High Performance Ceramic Parts

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The [Nanoarmor] ceramics are nanocrystalline, chemically pure, dense, lightweight, mechanically tough, and exhibit excellent stability in high-temperature environments.

Confidential DoD Customer

[Nanoarmor] ultra-high-temperature ceramics offer superior properties that enable their use in leading edges and engine components in extremely high-temperature platforms.

Aerospace America

Material Applications

  • Leading edges of hypersonic flight vehicles
  • Thermal protection systems
  • High-temperature heat exchangers
  • High performance vehicle braking systems


  • High-temperature and ablation resistance
  • Low processing pressures and temperatures
  • Additively manufacturable
  • Highly customizable with fillers and additives