Toughened Carbide Ceramics

Nanoarmor has developed a platform technology to create a range of Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composite (UHTCMC) with exceptional physical and thermal properties and more moderate processing requirements. The Nanoarmor ceramics exhibit higher mechanical toughness than traditional carbide ceramics and are easily reinforced with fibers, fillers, and nanostructures for additional improvement. The patented polymer-derived synthesis approach can be applied to TiC, B4C, SiC, TaC, and ZrC ceramics.

High Temperature Performance

The Nanoarmor ceramics all exhibit excellent thermal and oxidative stability, high thermal heat dissipation, ablation resistance, and resistance to thermal shock. Melting points exceed 3000˚C for all formulations.

Simplified Processing

Nanoarmor ceramics can demand only moderate processing requirements. Sintering can be performed at ambient pressures and temperatures below 1500˚C. Formed parts are near net shape pre-sintering with low shrinkage (<5%) post-sintering. The single-step process requires little or no re-infiltration or densification, with near theoretical densities obtained for some formulations. Additionally, the Nanoarmor material can be extruded as a slurry in additive manufacturing processes to allow for the formation of high curvatures and complex geometries.

Customizable Compositions

The Nanoarmor ceramic materials are highly customizable with additives and fillers to tailor the material to a specific application, including the possibility of graded structures. Contact us to learn more.