About Us

Nanoarmor provides value-add components to the high-value manufacturing supply chain that enable extreme chemical, physical and mechanical performance without the associated extreme processing parameters, lead times and cost. Nanoarmor leverages its licensed patent portfolios with process analytics to drastically reduce the time between deciding on performance requirements and part prototyping. The dual technical and business backgrounds of the key personnel enable analytics to inform each advance in Technology and Manufacturing Readiness Levels (TRL and MRLs) resulting in significantly compressed development timelines.

Company History

Nanoarmor was founded in 2016 in Los Angeles, CA with the initial goal of creating armor systems for military personnel and ground vehicles. Aided by ongoing collaboration with the US Naval Research Laboratory’s Advanced Materials Section, Nanoarmor’s advanced ceramic materials have found success in ultra-high-temperature applications such as hypersonic flight vehicles and thermal protection systems for aerospace and energy production. In 2019, Nanoarmor was awarded Phase I SBIR funding through the US Missile Defense Agency, which was followed by a Phase II funding award in 2020.

Core Team

Terrisa Duenas, PhD

Brett Cornick